Mom of two cool kids in need of cool clothing...and so the story begins.

Photographer by trade, designer by love and need of cool items. I have always loved really cool kids clothes...especially when I had two of my own...Maximus & Molly. Dressing them was one the best parts of the day and that excitement I felt putting on cool clothes is what I hope my customers feel.

Screen Printing transfers allow me to bring my designs to life. Another love in design is hand-stamping. I use vintage stamps from 1908 (amazing, right?) and water-based fabric ink. The whole process takes 4-5 days and is finished by heat setting the ink. Love, love, love the results!!!

My husband Mike, an amazing carpenter built me my very own workshop and that is wear it all takes place...good times!

I hope you enjoy my clothing as much as I enjoy making it!!!

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